Winter Season 2010: M.Tal

Season game #2 A Mikhail Tal game

Fall Season 2010: M.Tal

A look into positions from the games of M. Tal for this seasons greeting. (former World Chess Champion Michael Tal's Memorial tournament being held in Moscow this month Nov 2010) {7:37, 15.7 MB}

Lines of Fire 2

Most of the Chess pieces move and capture in straight lines. The practice of training your eyes to scan, as if by radar, the "lines of fire" essential to playing good chess. Challenge yourself with this game position. Tip: Try using ex-ray vision. (This is part 2)

Deadliest Attack

A Podcast from the archives 2008: Deadliest Attack

PE News Podcast Update

PE News Podcast Update: Large format for the "Chess in the Movies" on the website, Terminator Votes, Books, Smyslov Tribute, Join the New Series The Chess Room for the next couple of months.
[16:11 min / 42.11mb]

Celebrating 4 Years of PE's Chess Cast

Celebrating 4 Years of PE's Chess Cast: Position; Black, Smyslov, to play and win [1.4mb, 27sec]

Sneaky Mate 3 (reissued)

Sneaky Mate 3 (Reissued) Hope you enjoy this reissued podcast [7/21/08]. I am in catch up mode for the up coming news and changes podcast. It will also feature a V. Smyslov game. [3:53]

Chess in the Movies (PT 2)

Chess in the Movies (Part 2). A brilliant game by Boris Spassky that was featured in a James Bond Movie. [9:58, ]

Chess in the Movies (PT 1)

Part 1 A Chess position is featured in a James Bond movie. A Classic from Boris Spassky

Chess Terminators

Chess from Outer Space: An Unusual Game with unusual opening principles. Elements: Time plus Space can be stronger than Matter. [22.3mb/9:17]