Greetings New Years 2010

Study of tactics from a game played at a coffee house. What would say is the most deadliest of tactics? "The Windmill" ?, The Discovered Attack? Greetings and Best Wishes for 2010! [7:12 / 13.4 mb] ©2009 pct

Special Edition #2

This is part 2 of the Strategy from Special Edition

Kasparov the Whirlwind

Kasparov's play resembles a whirl wind. An outstanding chess career to say the very least. A look at a position from one of his games; probably a less well know game. [This is a repeat from MClub 104; 7:11/ 11.7mb ]

Challenge of the Count

The Challenge of the Count. This is the 3rd in the series of Halloween Podcast. The Count lost the first game and missed a win in the second only to draw. Do you plan your strategy in steps? Do you find obscure moves to fit in with your ideas? Do you take previous loses as stepping stones to better chess? Happy Halloween! [8:29/20.38 mb]

Dragon Attack

This podcast features a position from one of Shirov's games. He wrote 2 books on a collection of his games "Fire on Board". [8:00/ 14.8mb]

Rubinstein Whammy

Rubinstein-Bartoszkiewicz (1902). Rubinstein in this game plays a simple but elegant sacrifice. Please take a moment to let your voice be heard for the up coming Halloween Podcast.

Fischer's Brick

A classic Bobby Fischer kingside attack! Which I call Fischer's Brick [4:49/10.3mb]

Chess Magic 4

Chess Board Magic 4 (5min 9.3mb) [Note: Number 3 is in Club Members]

Unusual Sacrifices #1

Unusual Sacrifices #1 [4:16 / 8.86MB] A mating net is presented using Queen, Rook and a Pawn.

Sneaky Pawns

Sneaky Pawns Part 1
A technique to bring into your games for the attack.